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Saturday, June 02, 2012




I don't write this post as a sore loser , or a begrudger or because I'm in a vindictive mood (well...no more than usual , anyway !) but rather as someone who has seen the same mistake being made over and over again and , despite repeated warnings to the victim, someone who has recently witnessed same again : scare tactics and a pro-administration and business-friendly media manipulated enough victims into the path of the cushion-covered snare it had hidden in the undergrowth and obtained the result that their employers in the IMF and the EU ordered : a 'YES' vote for more austerity for the unemployed and the low paid , to secure the continued comforts of the 'protected class' ie the politicians themselves and their 'friends' ('interests' , rather...) in the banking and property-speculating industries.

Although over three million people (3,144,828) in this State were entitled to vote on the 'Austerity Treaty' , only slightly more than one-and-a-half million (1,584,179) of those actually did so and , of that latter figure , 955,091 voted for more 'austerity' (after being told by the 'Establishment' , amongst other frightening lies , that the ATM's would soon be cashless!) whilst 629,088 voted 'NO'. I hope you will forgive me for grabbing a wee bit of consolation out of this disappointing scenario , and it's this : in the Dublin Mid-West area where myself and other supporters and members of Republican Sinn Féin (and other pro-democracy and anti-capitalist organisations) actively canvassed for a 'NO' vote and where we put thousands of leaflets through letterboxes and fixed dozens of posters to lampposts , we gave the Fianna Fail / Fine Gael / Labour etc political pimps a real going-over (!) for their money - 16,590 were frightened into voting for continued 'austerity' whilst 16,585 agreed with us and voted 'NO' : next time , we'll start our canvass earlier and finish a wee bit later! But , for now, those of us who lament the fact that we have , once again , prostituted ourselves to the 'Money Men' of the IMF and the EU , will have to re-group and prepare ourselves for the next round.

Down , but far from out......!

Thanks for reading, Sharon.